Fig Vinegar Rejuvenate diet 450ml

Fig Vinegar Rejuvenate diet 450ml

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7 health benefits of Black fig vinegar:

1. Protects your heart health - good for your heart
2. Better Blood-sugar Control / Anti-Diabetic Effect 
3. Modest Weight Loss
4. prevents dementia - slow down brain degradation 
5. Prebiotic effect helps balance gut bacteria for Digestive Health  
6. Anti-cancer Properties May Help Prevent Cancer
7. Antioxidant Effects helps slow premature aging

Fig Vinegar is specially made of Black Mission figs, is rich in poly-phenolic, flavonoid anti-oxidants such Lutein Ascarotenes, Tannins, and includes Anthocyanidins, Catechin, Epicatechin, Gallic, Caffeic, and Chlorogenic acids. 

This double dose antioxidant is an unique formula of fruit blend to replenish your mind and body. It provides powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for proper function of every organ in the body - and the skin is no exception. 

Fig vinegar helps stabilize blood sugar, which in turn may ultimately reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. 

Other benefits such as research shows fig vinegars contain free radical scavengers antioxidants,  which slow premature aging, reduce the risk of cancer as well as antimicrobial.

Functional therapeutic properties of fig vinegar also including prevent cardiovascular disease, and increase vigor after exercise.

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我每日大概用兩個茶匙左右紫無花果醋加入约6至7粒無花果粒浸過夜,然後每晚飯前把这杯醋開水飲,才食嘢。 咁我發覺,早上起床後,每日都去廁所,都去得好乾淨,有陣時兩次或者三次, 覺得排得好乾淨,将所有的宿便排清出來,真係好排毒。 血糖也很穩定。

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